In honour of International Women’s Day, Artisan & Fox is proud to present our latest release - the Equality Collection. The Equality Collection celebrates the stories of women and men united together in equality and harmony.

Each piece showcases a modern interpretation of the equality symbol, meant to be worn by both men and women. This collection was imagined by designer Lama El Desouky. Her interests in voicing the human story through observations and philosophies helped set the foundation for her design practice.

Learn more about our collaboration with Lama with our interview below.


What was your favourite part about designing a jewellery collection?

I liked playing with lines. I wanted every line to have a logic to it, to have a reason. The lines in the jewellery pieces would compliment, or connect to another geometric figure in the human body, whether it was the hilly line of an ear cartilage, the triangle between the jaw and the neckline, or the circle in the nape of the neck. They all connect harmoniously, highlighting the beauty of the human body. 

The design process: Lama’s sketches and iterations of the collection.
The design process: Lama's sketches and iterations of the collection

Three values that guide your day-to-day?

Minimalism, practicality, and kindness.

As an artist, what does craftsmanship mean to you?

Everything has a soul, but the more you spend time on it, the more effort you put in building, in making, in raising it, the stronger of a personality it would have. 

In a world where too many things exist just for the sake of existing, we strive to make connections, and not just be. It is through these connections that we relate to the world around us, that we partake in the grander scheme of things.

The designer: Lama El Desouky.The designer: Lama El Desouky

Out of all the pieces from the Equality Collection, is there one that is your favourite?

My secret favourite is the equality ring, because it always takes me by surprise how modest, and wholesome it is. 

Complete the sentence - ‘#ToKnowYourArtisan is to ….”

Form a connection. Make it personal. Value the journey.

It has been an honour to collaborate with Lama for our latest release. The Equality Collection is now available on our online marketplace.

Discover the range here.

Pictured here:  Equality Silver Ring in Black Agate.Pictured here: Equality Silver Ring in Black Agate 


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