With so many of us spending a lot more time in our homes, we at Artisan & Fox believe there has never been a better time to curate our homes consciously.

Discover a selection of our favourite conscious home goods to help you create a relaxed space where you can feel truly at ease.


For the Bathroom

Our MAGUEY Body Sponge is made from entirely natural plant-based fibres and is handcrafted by a family of artisans in Central Mexico using traditional skills and techniques that have been passed down through the generations.

The maguey plant, whose use dates back to the pre-Columbian era, is first harvested, with its fibres stripped by hand, before being washed and laid in the sun. Once dried, the string fibres are brushed straight over a giant biznaga cactus, before being intricately crocheted into a beautiful biodegradable exfoliator that is both kind to the skin and the environment – a perfect conscious replacement to your standard plastic loofah.

Our POLARIS Tealight Holders are an ideal accessory to adorn any bathroom. Handcrafted from copper and brass by the Syrian Artisan Mustafa in Jordan, they feature a cut-out motif of Polaris, otherwise known as the North Star.

We work in partnership with the non-profit Turquoise Mountain, whose work is crucial in Jordan in helping to connect artisans from across the Levant to global markets. This in turn, helps to create sustainable incomes for producers; boosting the local economy and preserving craft traditions.


For the Living Room

Our Desert Rose Pompoms Wool Handloomed Cushion Cover is a statement piece that will add a touch of conscious panache to your living room.

These cushion covers are handcrafted in Mexico and made from a natural wool yarn that is carded and spun by hand on a drop spindle. This is then woven into a cover on a traditional backstrap loom. The pompoms are custom-dyed with cochineal and nopal, then assembled and applied by hand. In total each cushion takes ten to fifteen days to produce – they are made slow to last more than a lifetime. 

Our NURISTAN Handcarved Photo Frames are symbolic of a Nuristani wood carving tradition that spans thousands of years. Tucked away in the eastern mountains of Afghanistan, Nuristan or the ‘Land of Light’, is a region renowned for its socially symbolic woodcarvings.

Artisan Mostafa draws on this tradition in his craftsmanship. Inspired by his grandfather, Mostafa trained in woodworking for three years before founding his own successful woodworking business in Kabul. These unique handcrafted pieces, which hold a rich and fascinating history, are the perfect addition to any conscious living room.

For the Kitchen

Our Handblown Herati Glasses will provide a gorgeous colourful feature to your dining table. These are hand-blown by the Artisan Ghulam in Herat, who is one of the last glass-blowing artisans in a once thriving industry.

Each glass is fired individually in a mud-brick furnace. The beautiful colours are the result of a mixed glaze comprising of ishkar and white quartz. The quartz is sourced from nearby riverbeds, while the ishkar is derived from the ash of the ishkar plant – an indigenous desert bush. With each glass being made by hand in a one-room workshop, and glazed using sustainably sourced natural materials, they are an ideal conscious addition to your kitchen.

Our Istalifi Bowls are handcrafted by Artisan Abdul Matin who was born in the village of Istalif. With its abundance of water, rich clay deposits and breath-taking surroundings, pottery has been central to the Istalifi identity for over four hundred years.

However, with the arrival of the Taliban in 1997, many of the village’s pottery workshops were destroyed. Since returning to the village in 2002, Artisan Abdul Matin, together with the help of our non-profit partner Turquoise Mountain, have been working to revive this valuable ceramic tradition. By purchasing a piece from our Istalifi ceramic collection, you are assisting in the revival of Abdul Matin’s and his village’s cultural heritage.

We hope this curated selection of conscious home goods has inspired you to be thoughtful in your selection of products in creating a more mindful home.

Our aim at Artisan & Fox is to not only spotlight talented artisans worldwide, but to also empower these artisans for sustainable development in a way that benefits their local economy. We reinvest our profits back into our artisan and social enterprise partners.


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