Artisan & Fox is a social enterprise empowering artisans in developing regions, by connecting them to mindful consumers like you. 


In sleepy villages and towns in developing nations across the globe, are tens of thousands of artisans.

These talented makers, silversmiths, weavers, and others alike, have been honing their craft for centuries, but often lack access to the global market.

Artisan & Fox is on a journey to discover these hidden artisans, and their extraordinary craftsmanship. Traversing the globe, we're learning the stories of local artisans and their communities everyday. Stories of craftsmanship with centuries of history.

Since 2015, Artisan & Fox has grown to encompass 200+ artisans across 11 countries, providing them access to international markets through our online marketplace.

Operating out of London and Singapore, we seek to preserve artisan heritage by co-designing pieces with our artisan partners informed by contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.


Our approach is informed by ethics, transparency, and sustainability.


The Importance of Craft

Artisan craft remains the second largest employer in developing countries worldwide. It is one of the main sources of income for both men and women who seek a sustainable livelihood.

However, these artisans are also some of the most marginalised. They lack independent access to the global market, being socially immobile and often exploited by unscrupulous middlemen.

We saw that a different approach was needed.

Our Social Promise

We collaborate with independent artisans, small artisan groups,non-profits, and local social enterprises. 

Our approach combines a focus on both sustainability and transparency, ensuring the ethics of each and every piece on our online marketplace. 

We give the artisans the upper-hand in the entire design process. Each piece is inspired by the cultural landscapes of the regions in which we work, and is the product of a curated one on one design process with the makers.


We believe in a new type of sustainable business: working towards sustainable incomes for each artisan we collaborate with, in a way that is kind to the environment.


Redefining Sustainability

We're built on the belief that ethical business can change the narrative for entire ecosystems in developing regions worldwide.

We are committed to creating longstanding impact in those communities, by working towards sustainable incomes and inclusive growth for each artisan that we collaborate with.

Artisans are guaranteed 50% of all gross profits from each item, and we provide micro-loans, pay for raw materials in advance, and even help open bank accounts when the need arises.

Fashion as a force for good.

We focus our energies on building meaningful relationships with each artisan partner, and we stay selective in the process of working with individuals who are open to being equally as transparent as we are.

We believe that you have the right to know who, where, and how your piece was made. No exceptions. 

We invite you to be curious, ask questions and challenge us. Because we believe that fashion won’t change the world, but those who wear it will.


Our Partners

We're privileged to be a part of these organisations and networks, without whom our outreach and collaborations with artisans around the world would not be possible.


We serve those who seek meaning in what they buy.

Fully funded on Indiegogo on April 25th 2017.

Thanks to the support of 291 backers worldwide.