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We're a social business doing things differently.

Projects with Impact

Learn more about our commitment to improving the livelihoods of artisans around the world.  

Thrive Transfers

Our zero-interest,evergreen, pay-it-forward funding scheme for our artisan partners, launched inpartnership with Designed to build communities of women artisans supporting women artisans. Two artisans, Oralia and Ampalo, were funded through the Thrive Transfers Fund.

Giving Back

Working alongside our artisans, we're helping them expand their micro-enterprises through global market access.

Unlike other retailers, our artisans are guaranteed 50% of the gross profits from each item. Our artisans are paid in advance so they do not face any liquidity barriers; and when needed, we also cover upfront for material and production costs for less-privileged artisans. 

Traditional Craftsmanship Fused with Modern Design

Learn more about our artisan partners and where we work here.