With all the uncertainty in the world right now, it’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed. As we navigate through these uncertain times, let’s take a moment to reflect and honour our bodies and minds.

Here’s a few guidelines for setting boundaries between your personal life and professional life. Our guide is meant to help you carve out a space for yourself, physically and mentally, in order to prioritise your health and well-being.

Cooking at Home

Decompress after a long day of looking at a computer screen by cooking a nutritious meal that nourishes the body. Listen to a podcast or the radio while you cook to help you unwind. You might also want to experiment with a cookbook and challenge yourself to make a new recipe each week.

Grind the salt between your fingers and be mindful as you spice your food. Featured here are our  BARRO Salt Cellar s.Grind the salt between your fingers and be mindful as you spice your food. Featured here are our BARRO Salt Cellars

Exercise Daily

Set a time for yourself to exercise and stick to it. Staying home doesn’t mean that you have to give up your precious gym sessions. There are plenty of exercise videos on YouTube and Google that you could follow along with and with a handy yoga mat, you’re all set to sweat it out in the comfort of your own home.

Treat Yourself to a Home Spa

We often get too caught up with our daily routine that we forget to show some appreciation to our body. Treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath and light your favourite candles. Listen to some soothing music to help you relax or opt for the novel that you’re working your way through. A glass of red is optional but highly recommended to add some pizzazz to the experience. We also love incorporating the Maguey Body Sponge and Facial Brush into our routine. A good scrub helps us get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate our blood circulation, leaving us energised with smooth and supple skin.

100% natural - the  MAGUEY Body Sponge  is made from plant-based fibres.100% natural - the MAGUEY Body Sponge is made from plant-based fibres

Send Some Love to an Old Friend

You know that friend you’ve been meaning to send an update to but keep forgetting? Block out 30 minutes of your afternoon to write that long-needed catch-up note. Think about how happy your friend will be to receive some love in the mail (or inbox). Connecting with your friends, especially during this period can be a mood booster and help you feel less isolated.


Marie Kondo and her KonMari method needs no introduction. While we don’t have to become the next Marie, it’s important to ensure that you’re in a thriving, clean environment since we’re spending much more time at home. Numerous research have shown the benefits of having a clean space - from reducing stress to enabling you to think clearly. Get rid of the things that you don’t need (and yes that includes those random mugs and containers that you think you “may use someday”) and organise your living spaces. By keeping a neat and tidy space, you’ll feel more motivated and happier.

Staying organised with our  SACH Tote Bag . Photo by Frederique LaSalle.Staying organised with our SACH Tote Bag. Photo by Frederique LaSalle

Avoid Being on Autopilot

Instead of rushing through your chores, take the time to be mindful of your daily surroundings. Pay attention to the simple things, from the taste and smell of your morning coffee to the sights and sounds of your surroundings. Research has shown that savouring and being present in the moment are happiness-inducing behaviours. 

Digital Detox

With technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the continuous influx of news and work emails. Schedule a detox hour everyday where your laptop is off and your phone is on flight mode or in a different room. Use this time to read, clean your room, meditate or engage in any other mindful activities. Going through a digital detox clears your mind and helps you feel rejuvenated. 

Vietnamese skyline, taken during one of our visits to our artisan partners in Vietnam.Vietnamese skyline, taken during one of our visits to our artisan partners in Vietnam

Work From Home Effectively

As important as it is to establish a morning routine, it’s also vital to set boundaries between work and life at the end of the day, especially since working from home means we no longer have the environmental boundaries to separate the two. Set a time to finish work each day and stick to it. When you shut your laptop, turn it off completely to mentally transition into the next part of your day.  

Talking about environmental boundaries, have an organised, designated workspace to enhance your productivity as well as your workflow. By creating a designated workspace, you’re preparing your brain to begin “work” and establishing a routine.

Beginning the day with coffee. Photo by Polly Florence. Beginning the day with coffee. Photo by Polly Florence

Feel Cozy at Home

Your home should a sanctuary; a safe place to re-charge and refresh. Re-arrange the furniture in your living room to create a fresh new perspective. Add some new pillow cases to the sofa to add texture and colour to your home. Burn a candle or add a diffuser to your living spaces to infuse your house with scents. Smells can act as environmental boundaries too! Use relaxing scents such as lavender in the bedroom and an energising one such as coffee or Bergamot in the study room to help yourself transition to the appropriate state of mind when you enter the room. For some extra effect, create mood lighting during the evening, using tea-lights and candleholders with cut-out motifs!

The  POLARIS  Tealight Holder . It features a cut-out motif of the North Star.
The POLARIS Tealight Holder. It features a cut-out motif of the North Star

By living mindfully and with intention, we nurture our souls and our minds. How do you add Self Care into your routine? Share your mindful tips in the comments section below.











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