Shine bright in artisan-crafted jewellery this festive season. Make a statement in bold heritage-informed jewellery, crafted in small-batches by artisans around the world. 


Uncover the extraordinary stories behind each craftsmanship. From the distant villages of Nairobi to the majestic Himalayas that grace the landscape of Nepal - each piece on our online marketplace is embedded with a story of craft and heritage. 

To help you with your festive shopping, we've compiled a selection of our favourite artisan adornments.


Discover the finer things this Christmas.


 The Pahar Handetched Earrings


Crafted in gold-plated brass by Artisan Sharmila, the Pahar Handetched Earrings feature an intricate etching of the majestic Himalayas. The Himalayas breathe life into the landscape of Nepal and have forever influenced the culture and way of life of Nepal. 


 Mandira Earrings 


In Nepal, the ancient carvings and details are available for all to see and experience, sitting in the historic cities of Nepal. Nepal is home to ancient temples and palaces, all built in distinct styles honed by Nepali craftsmen. The temples of Nepal are rife with religious symbolism. The Mandira Earrings recall the symmetry and religious motifs found in temples and palaces. 



 JALI Signet Pendant Necklace 

A statement necklace inspired by ancient, time-honoured architecture. Jali-style windows and architectural details can be found throughout India and the Middle-East, an art form perfected over centuries by craftsmen. The JALI Signet Pendant Necklace pays homage to the jali-style architecture found through ancient buildings in Kabul and features vibrant lapis lazuli encased in a gold-plated pendant. 


NUSA Choker 


Our bestselling choker is crafted in upcycled brass. Made by Elijah in Dagoretti, Kenya the NUSA Choker is inspired by traditional Kenyan designs, while remaining modern and contemporary. The hammered edges recall the textured details found in Kenya's sand dunes. 




A unique ring designed and made by an exceptional artisan in Kabul. The MOZAIC Ring features a jagged piece of Lapis Lazuli - Afghanistan's most famous gemstone. An exquisite ring to wear all year long.


Discover our selection of artisanal heirlooms designed to last. 

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