To help you with your festive gifting, we've put together a curation of our favourite stocking fillers - small gifts crafted with the best of intentions.

Discover sustainable stocking fillers for everyone on your list - from Secret Santa parties to the hard to please. 

Shop the edit of ethical stocking fillers below. 



KIRAE Globe Earstuds

Petite brass earrings crafted by Artisan Elijah in Kenya. Utilising recycled brass, Elijah crafts elegant jewellery pieces inspired by traditional Kenyan design. A lovely gift featuring Kenyan-inspired craftsmanship. 




MAGUEY Crocheted Face Sponge

Crafted in Mexico. Biodegradable exfoliators crafted from the maguey plant. These face scrubbers are kind to both the skin and the environment and are a perfect gift for the beauty lover. 




JIPIJAPA Handwoven Palm Earrings

Summer-inspired earrings crafted by Mexican artisans. Utilising harvested jipijapa reeds, this artisan family specialises in weaving hats, fans, and local accessories. 




Face Masks 

Available for everyone in the family! Our heritage series of handmade Face Masks are available in sizes for Adults and Children. Featuring vibrant print fabrics handmade by women artisans in Myanmar. 



CARRIZO Drinking Straws

An eco-friendly straw for your daily drinking needs. With proper care, these biodegradable straws can last for six months or longer. Handcrafted by an artisan collective in Oaxaca, Mexico, the artisans use locally-harvested river reeds to craft the straws. 



Syrian Camel Hair Shawl in Honey

A luxurious gift promised to please. 

Camel Hair Shawls have been crafted by Syrian artisans for millennia. While the shawls may appear delicate, they are extraordinary in regulating temperatures – keeping ancient travellers warm in the cold, desert nights and cool in the fierce day sun.

These beautiful shawls are handwoven by delicate strands of camel hair, one of the world’s most premium natural fibres. Each thread is less than a millimetre thick, and is said to last a lifetime, becoming softer with each wear.


Get your orders in for Christmas!

For our customers in UK & Singapore, place your orders by Tuesday, 21st December to ensure pre-Christmas delivery. 

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