Ever wondered why the most attractive jewellery on the shelf may not necessarily look as good on you as you think? That’s because of our unique face shapes! A piece of jewellery looks great on you if it complements and balances the shape of your face.

Here, we have compiled a selection of beautiful jewellery that is best suited for your face shape. To find out what your face shape is, simply pull all your hair back to expose your face fully and observe the natural shape and angles of your face. While we only highlighted 6 face shapes in this article, it is likely that your face shape may be a mixture of 2 different types. Hence, you can use the advice from both shapes to pick out the jewellery that can bring out your best features.


Oval Shaped Face

The oval shaped face is one that is longer than it is wide. Similar to the shape of an egg, the face is rounded with no sharp angles.


Lucky you! Oval faces can wear almost any shape or style of earring, as long as the designs are proportionate to the face. Hence, the only thing to avoid is designs that are overly long, as they will lengthen the oval face. 


Echo the oval face with hoops, hoops in circles, chandeliers and other soft, curving designs. You can also dramatically set off the oval face with triangle-shaped earrings.

KITANZI EarringsKITANZI Earrings

JALI EarringsJALI Earrings

MAHTAB EarringsMAHTAB Earrings


The soft curves of the oval face are best accented by soft curving shapes such as pearls, ribbon, open link chain, affirmation rings and more.

UZITO Pendant NecklaceUZITO Pendant Necklace

MONIRA Pendant NecklaceMONIRA Pendant Necklace

Square Shaped Face

The square face shape is characterised by a square, angular jaw with minimal curves. The face is as wide as it’s long with the forehead, cheekbones and jaw about equal in width.


When selecting jewellery, choose pieces that can soften the angles and bring balance by creating the illusion of a narrower forehead and jaw line, and lengthening the face.


The square face looks great in large oval hoops, long drop and narrow chandelier earrings. Choose jewellery that adds length and narrows the width of the face.

MWEZI EarringsMWEZI Earrings

KALI EarringsKALI Earrings

SHIMO EarringsSHIMO Earrings


Similar to earrings, choose necklaces with length and curves to soften the strong jaw line. Large focal elements on necklaces helps draw attention below the neck to give the appearance of a longer face. Pendants with curves and swirls can also counter the strong angular elements of the jaw.

MAHTAB NecklaceMAHTAB Necklace

MINARET Pendant NecklaceMINARET Pendant Necklace

Round Shaped Face

The round shaped face is similar to the square shaped face with the length being equal to the width. However, the difference is that round shaped faces are soft and curved in contrast to the angular shapes of the square face.


Choosing styles that can lengthen the appearance of the face will be flattering on a round shaped face.


If you have a round shaped face, go for long, vertical styles - especially dangles, drops, narrow chandeliers and ear threads to give the illusion of a longer face. 

ROYA EarringsROYA Earrings

LALE Earrings in GoldLALE Earrings in Gold

NJIA EarringsNJIA Earrings

YUNDO EarringsYUNDO Earrings


Longer, looping necklaces can help lengthen the look of the face by drawing the eyes down. Large focal components which create a V also creates a powerful triangular point that creates a longer line. Avoid choker, collar and princess lengths, since they shorten the neck and add width to the throat.

JUMA NecklaceJUMA Necklace

ZIBA NecklaceZIBA Necklace

Rectangular Shaped Face

The rectangular face is longer than it is wide, with the width of the face at the forehead, cheekbones and chin almost the same.


To balance the square shaped face, choose jewellery that can shorten its long vertical line or make the width wider.


Wearing large, bold styles can add width and camouflage the length of the face. Therefore, any styles that create an illusion of width will be flattering for a rectangular face.

BASHIRA EarringsBASHIRA Earrings

FLOW EarringsFLOW Earrings

MAJI EarringsMAJI Earrings


Short necklaces help to reduce the appearance of length of the rectangular face. Therefore, opt for chokers or necklaces with collar and princess lengths.

KIFA ChokerKIFA Choker

AREZU NecklaceAREZU Necklace

Heart Shaped Face

This face shape is characterised by being widest at the forehead and cheeks, and having a strong jawline that tapers off into a defined chin.


Styles that can create an illusion of a narrower forehead and wider jaw line helps to bring balance to the face.


Triangular or fan-shaped dangling earrings which put the widest part of the earring next to the jaw line are ideal for the heart shaped face. Avoid small posts and long narrow earrings which do not add width.

JUMA EarringsJUMA Earrings

ZIBA EarringsZIBA Earrings

USO EarringsUSO Earrings


Heart-shaped faces look best with short necklaces with curves as they reduce the appearance of length in the jawline and soften the sharp chin. Hence, choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal.

NUSA ChokerNUSA Choker

LAILA Pendant NecklaceLAILA Pendant Necklace

Diamond Shaped Face 

A diamond shaped face is characterised by a narrow forehead and a narrow chin, that are about the same width. The cheekbones are the widest point of the face, and the chin is often pointy. 


Choosing designs that reduce the emphasis on the jawline, while making the forehead appear wider will look flattering on a diamond shaped face.


Hoop earrings and longer earrings with curved shapes look great on a diamond shaped face as they help to soften the jawline.

SHAHRAK Silver EarringsSHAHRAK Silver Earrings

CHEKA EarringsCHEKA Earrings

GOUDEBOU Silver EarringsGOUDEBOU Silver Earrings


When choosing necklaces, go for matinee and princess lengths to lengthen the face. A striking pendant can also help with visual harmony.

LALE Necklace in LapisLALE Necklace in Lapis

LAILA Drop NecklaceLAILA Drop Necklace








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