For our second edition of Good Reads and Podcasts, we have selected our favourite round-up of inspiring books and podcasts centred around the theme of sustainability.

To start off the New Year right, learn how you can add more sustainable habits to your everyday routine. Here’s our curation of books and podcasts from game breakers and innovators inspiring sustainable change in our world today. Whether you’re an activist, or seeking to become more conscious in your everyday life, here’s a great starting point to begin the New Year!


How to Break Up with Fast Fashion by Lauren Bravo

The title says it all - journalist Lauren Bravo dives deep into our toxic relationship with the fast fashion industry and offers honest advise on how we can support ethical, more sustainable alternatives: from repairing old clothes to charity shops, and how we can re-condition clothes which we have been conditioned to discard. A must read for any fashion activist.


Sustainable Home: Practical Projects, Tips and Advice for Maintaining a More Eco-Friendly Household by Christine Liu

An inspirational guide for making your home more eco-friendly - and especially pertinent at a time when so many are staying indoors! Sustainable lifestyle blogger Christine Liu offers 18 DIY projects to help you have a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. From growing your own herbs or learning how to make your own toiletries - a must read on how to make small, sustainable changes in your everyday life.

The Sustainable(ish) Guide by Jen Gale

Author Jen Gale spent a year refraining from buying new things - an outlook that fundamentally changed her viewpoint and attitude towards consumption. Her book offers a set of simple, practical guidelines that fit into your everyday life, empowering you to move forward with knowledge and purpose in your day-to-day routine.




Green Dreamer

An inspirational podcast for the eco-warrior passionate about creating a more sustainable and just world for all. The podcast explores different topics and themes in relation to the ecological crisis and healing and wellness. Notable guests include Orsola de Castro from Fashion Revolution and Aditi Mayer of Adimay.

A Sustainable Mind 

Host Marjorie Alexander explores groundbreaking topics in the field of sustainability - from environmental leaders to innovators working to change the world for the better. Alexander ends the podcasts with tangible tips and guidelines so you can empower yourself to take action and move forward with purpose.


Ethical Fashion Podcast

Sponsored by the UN Ethical Fashion Initiative, the Ethical Fashion Podcast brings artisans from around the world to the forefront of their podcast. From environmental justice to sustainable development, hosts Claire Press and Simone Ciprani dive deep into the biggest issues in the ethical fashion industry. Our favourite episode features a conversation with Zolaykha Sherzad - founder of Zarif, a social enterprise working on the ground in Afghanistan.


We hope you enjoy our recommended list of books and podcasts. What are some of your favourite books? Favourite podcasts? Let us know in the comments!


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