Handcrafted in Vietnam

Our latest collection from Vietnam spotlights the country's rich culture, and pays homage to its traditional artisan techniques.


Thanh is a fourth-generation silversmith who learnt the art at the young age of 10.

Together with Thanh, we designed the beautiful MUA Earrings, with a traditional Vietnamese screw mechanism, featuring a contemporary marble stone.

He is dedicated to keeping the traditional Vietnamese silversmithing techniques alive.

Tuan Anh

Tuan Anh is a second-generation silversmith, who learnt the art from his father.

His village, Dinh Cong, has a 1,000-year long history in silversmithing, and in recent years, his family is now the last silversmithing family in the village.

The QUAT Silver Earcuff is an adaptation of one of his existing traditional designs.


Hien is passionate for weaving varieties of straw bags, and weaves these humble bags alongside tending the small family farm.

We collaborated with Hien to produce a more contemporary, simple, straw bag.


From the idyllic village of Cam Kim Island, Thinh learnt the art of straw-weaving years ago, specialising in crafting simple straw hats.

He sources his fresh straw reeds from his sister who works in the nearby fields.

Artisan Binh

Binh is a contemporary artisan from the region of Hue, Vietnam. He moved into leather-making after 8 years of study in the arts.

His designs fuses a sense of Vietnamese simplicity with contemporary lines and shapes.