Handcrafted in Nepal

Our Nepali artisan partners create unique jewellery inspired by the majestic Himalayas and ancient architecture.

Sterling silver rings are individually hand-forged in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, while the gold-plated brass pieces are handmade in the capital of Kathmandu.

Partnerships on the Ground

The Sikhara Range is designed by Ishu and Tulja. Their designs are inspired by the culture and heritage of Nepal, and are brought to life by a team of Nepali craftsmen and women. They hope to revitalise the local craft sector and bring traditional Nepali design to the world stage.


Rajendra is a 32-year-old jeweller. Making jewellery is a family tradition and he has been experimenting with jewellery design since he was a child. His biggest dream is to pass on this tradition to the next generation so that the art of Nepalese design continues to thrive. He feels empowered through his work and is proud to share Nepali culture and design with the rest of the world.

The Silversmith

In a small shophouse nestled by the Himalayan mountains in the city of Bhaktapur, the artisan Prem works to support his wife and son.

Living in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, Prem is dedicated to providing for his family through his craft.


We first met Prem at his small shophouse shortly after the earthquake struck Nepal. He is one of Artisan & Fox's first partner artisans, and since have been working with him over the past two years.

Artisan & Fox has been helping Prem expand his micro-business, so he can afford better education and nutrition for his family. We hope to galvanize the artisan economy across Nepal, one artisan at a time.