Handcrafted in Myanmar

The talented weavers and seamstresses of Myanmar have found a new way to put their skills to use, as well as contribute to their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working with handwoven heritage textiles, these creative artisans have turned leftover fabrics into unique, colourful face masks. Each mask helps keep you and your community safe, while empowering women artisans in Myanmar.

Featured Face Masks

Made slow, to last long.

Traditional Weaving from Women Artisans in Myanmar

Artisan Ma Su first learned how to weave when she was 13 years old. She honed the art of weaving from her mother and sisters, from one of the 20 looms that her family had at home. Ma Su used to weave her textiles at home and sell her products in Thailand.

Now she is part of a cooperative of weavers producing textiles for international clients and five-star hotels. Ma Su’s textiles are known for their beautiful, soft colours.