Aditi Mayer is a fashion & documentary photographer, journalist, and creator behind A passionate activist, Aditi expounds on art for social action.

Her work explores the crossroads of style, sustainability, and social justice.

To better understand Aditi’s intrinsic motivations behind her captivating work, we asked her a couple of questions in our latest series with trailblazers in the sustainability and ethical fashion space, Style Notes.

What’s your biggest passion in life?

I used to say my passion was photography, but I've realized that rather than any one medium, it's storytelling at large. Authentic storytelling.

Three values that guides your day-to-day?

Lead with love.

Low ego, high impact.

Move at the speed of trust.

— The 3 organizing guidelines for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

As an ethical fashion blogger, what are some tips you can give to others about purchasing ethically & mindfully, and the power of their choices?

Define your sense of personal style, beyond trends. In doing so, you'll be more aware of which pieces truly speak to you.

From here on out, think of your closet like an art gallery. When we buy a piece of art, we ask ourselves - would I want to be looking at this for the couple of years? Is this worth the investment?

Think of your closet the same way, and you'll get in the habit of valuing quality over quantity.

social journalist aditi mayer.JPG 

“When it comes to Artisan & Fox's artisanal pieces, I'm always drawn to the diversity in materials and textures, and its earthy palette. I wanted to encompass those elements in these images, and so opted for location with a great array of landscapes and textures.”

When it comes to your work, what do you firmly believe in?

I believe in creating art that doesn't come at the cost of justice, but rather promotes it.

Complete the sentence: "To #KnowYourArtisan is to __"…

To #KnowYourArtisan is to resist a fashion industry that has profited off the erasure, and exploitation, of those behind our products.

The Aro Handsewn Palm Bag .The Aro Handsewn Palm Bag 

To find out more about Aditi Mayer’s work, head over to her website or her Instagram (@aditimayer).

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