Hoop earrings are a classic form of jewellery, worn by powerful men and women throughout the course of history across different cultures and societies. The symbolism of continuity and power are enshrined in the hoop earrings. Worn as early as 2500 BCE by Sumerian women - they were also worn in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman societies. 

 In ancient Egypt, earrings were a symbol of beauty, and striking gold hoops were worn by men, women, and even cats. Gold hoops was worn amongst the royal elite and were symbols of power, prestige, and wealth. 

Gold hoop earrings from the Sumerian Dynasty from 2600-2500 BCE. Source: The Met.


An essential piece of jewellery to wear everyday, here's our guide to our selection of ethical hoops, and our go-to for artisan-made hoop earrings. 

 Statement Hoops

Make a statement in large hoop earrings handmade by artisans around the world. The KITANZI Earrings are a classic hoop earring with a rustic, textured feel, handcrafted in upcycled brass.

The Surya Hammered Earrings are statement hammered hoops, with cut-out detailing inspired by the rising sun of the Nepali flag. One of our bestsellers, the JALI Earrings feature vibrant blue Lapis Lazuli and elegant latticework detailing. Handcrafted in Afghanistan, the JALI Earrings are currently sold out, but will come back into stock shortly. 

 From left to right: KITANZI Earrings, Surya Hammered Earrings, JALI Earrings.


Everyday Hoops

Part of your wardrobe heroes, these everyday hoops are designed to be worn and cherished for years to come. These mini-style hoop earrings will compliment your daily look, and carry you from day to night. One of our top sellers, the KAMILI Moon Hoops are smooth, mid-sized earrings with a thicker brass hoop. Inspired by the shape of the moon, the KAMILI Moon Hoops were crafted by Artisan Elijah in Kenya. 

A slightly more dressed-up earring, the KANDAHAR Hoops are rectangular hoops with a geometric, jagged design. The MAUA Earrings are another daily staple, featuring hammered upcycled brass. Another subtle go-to are the MZIMA Petite Hoops


Left to right: KAMILI Moon Hoops, KANDAHAR Hoops, MAUA Earrings.  


MZIMA Petite Hoops.  

Hoop-Inspired Earrings

Not precisely hoop earrings, but these elegant earrings play on the idea of continuity and infinity in contemporary design. The BASHIRA Earrings are statement hoop-inspired earrings with intricate, latticework inspired by the jali architecture found throughout the Middle-East. The Amitia Earrings, handmade in Nepal, feature a curved hook design in gold-plated brass. 

 Left to right: BASHIRA Earrings, Amitia Earrings











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