The season of gifting is nearly upon us. To help you with your shopping list this year, we've compiled a selection of our favourite artisan pieces. 

From timeless jewellery to fine homewares, give a gift from extraordinary artisan origins this festive season. Discover a selection of lovely home goods and timeless embedded with heritage and craftsmanship. 

Every purchase from our online marketplace empowers artisans around the world. Our social enterprise invests 50% of our profits back into our business - ensuring we can continue our work in promoting artisan craftsmanship.  

Let the gifting commence!


Ethical jewellery with a story to tell. From statement showstoppers handmade by artisans in Afghanistan, to contemporary brass jewellery crafted by artisans in Kenya.

Shop timeless jewellery for the loved ones in your life. 


 Above left: Pari Chain Necklace with Moon CharmsChandra Earrings. 
Above right: KANDAHAR Jewellery Gift Set.
Bottom right: JALI Bar Ring in Bamiyan Turquoise



Above: MAHTAB Earrings. MAHTAB Necklace. JALI Bar Ring in Lapis Lazuli. 
Above right: BASHIRA Earrings, GOUDEBOU Copper Earrings in Rouge
Bottom right: Embrace Silver Cufflinks in Black Agate


Above left: Prithvi Earrings. Bottom Left: NUSA Choker, JALI Bar Ring      Above right: MTO Layered Necklace. Bottom right: KAMILI Moon Hoops. 



Artful homewares and lifestyle goods handcrafted in Jordan and Mexico. Shop mindful gifts for the modern home.



Above left: JORDANIAN Walnut TrayAbove right: DAMASCENE Square BoxBottom right: BRUNIDO Burnished Tumbler. ROSADO Mini Mortar and Pestle Set.  


From left to right: ONYX Large Candleholder. ROSADO Large Candleholders. DAMASCENE Square Box. 



 Exquisite shawls ensured to delight. Discover our signature camel hair wool shawls, available in four distinct shades. Our Cambodian silk shawls feature traditional ikat dyeing methods. 



From left to right: Syrian Camel Hair Shawl in Blue, IKAT Scarf in Olive Grey, Syrian Camel Hair Shawl in Gold, Syrian Camel Hair Shawl in Sky Blue.


Face Masks for everyone in the family. Each face mask is crafted from heritage fabrics woven by weavers in Myanmar. 

Handcrafted in collaboration with Turquoise Mountain.


 Left: Kids Face Mask - Set of 2. Right: Face Masks for Adults - Available in Emerald, Monochrome, Azure



This festive season, support a social business that does things differently. 

Artisan & Fox co-creates our products with our artisan partners. Each craftsmanship is inspired by the cultural landscapes of the regions in which we work in.

With a fusion of contemporary style and traditional techniques, we ensure that traditional craftsmanship is preserved, while also remaining relevant in today's world.




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