Our latest Nepali-crafted release pays tribute to the city of Pokhara — long considered to be the jewel of the Himalayas. The second largest city in Nepal, Pokhara is renowned for its spectacular scenery and nature. Pokhara offers stunning views of the Annapurna Himalayas, the green rolling hills, as well as the serene Phewa Lake. 

Pokhara is also a popular trekking destination as the city sits at the foothills of the Annapurna Himalayas. Learn more about Pokhara and the enchanting sights and landmarks that inspired our latest jewellery drop

World Peace Pagoda


Photo by Prasesh Shiwakoti via Unsplash. 

The Shanti Pagoda, or the Peace Pagoda, is one of the most famous religious monuments in Pokhara. Nepal is home to two peace pagodas — one in Pokhara, and the other in Lumbini. Peace pagodas were built as monuments to inspire peace and non-violence after WWII. 

Built during the 1970s by Japanese monks, the Peace Pagoda is 35m (115ft) tall and is perched atop the Ananda Hill. Many visitors opt to hike up the hill to reach the famous site. The Shanti Peace Pagoda offers beautiful views of the Phewa Lake and the surrounding areas. 

The elegant symmetry of the famed pagoda as well as the important story inspired our newly released Shanti Pendant Necklace. 



Phewa Lake


Photo by Rajav Shrestha via Unsplash. 

A peaceful, serene lake, the Phewa Lake offers breathtaking views of the surrounding nature and scenery. Phewa Lake is famous for its colourful rowboats which sit peacefully along the harbour. 


Tal Bahari Temple. Photo by Nepal Traveller

In the middle of the lake sits a small island which houses the Tal Bahari Temple. The Tal Bahari Temple is a famous two-tiered pagoda dedicated to the Goddess Varahi, an avatar of Goddess Durga. The temple draws Hindu worshippers as Durga is an important Hindu goddess. Durga has a boar's head and is considered as the origin of the universe's creativity and power. According to legend, she was said to pierce her enemies with her powerful tusks. 

The Bahari Ring, part of our latest release, draws inspiration from the fine detailing and intricate accents found on the temple.  

New Release

Our latest Nepali drop features two new jewellery pieces inspired by the famous and historic sites found in Pokhara. Handcrafted in small-batches by our artisan partners in Kathmandu, each piece draws upon the stunning natural surroundings of Pokhara and the important religious monuments found throughout the region. 

The Shanti Pendant Necklace pays tribute to the famous Peace Pagoda found overlooking the Phewa Lake. With an organic, molten charm, the necklace features four dainty pearl beads, and is a symbol of peace, harmony, and symmetry. 

The Bahari Ring is a simple, delicate piece with an irregular shape that calls to mind the grooves and ridges of the famed Tal Bahari Pagoda. Both pieces were crafted in gold-plated brass and were handcrafted with love by Artisans Suman and Balram. 


Discover our latest drop of Nepali-crafted jewellery. 


Left to right: Shanti Pendant Necklace, Bahari Ring.




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